Henry Raleigh

Illustrator, etcher, lithographer, painter. He was at his peak during the 1920s, illustrating elegant high society, and for four decades his works appeared in Saturday Evening Post and Cosmopolitan. In the 1920s, Westporter Everett Shinn called him “the best illustrator in this country today.” In Westport, he lived near Arthur Dove, who he helped financially. However, he was also a hard drinker, and died after falling from the window of a run-down hotel in NYC. Exhibited:  Mark Hopkins Inst., 1897, 1900; SC, 1916 (prize); Ad. Art in America Comp., 1927 (gold); Illustration House, NYC, 1991 (first solo); AIC Member:  Alliance; Artists G.; SC; SI; Coffee House C. Work:  New Britain Mus. Am. Art


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