Mary Bryan

Lewis had a daughter named Mary Bryan (1907-1978).  As a child living at Longshore her father gave her as a gift a baby bear. She was indifferent to her studies in the various schools she attended but excelled in her art classes, where she invariably stood at the top of her group. She went on to study with some outstanding sculptors of the time including Laura Fraser and Carl Illiver, and then at the New School of American Sculpture.

During her career, Mary Bryan won two prizes at the American Watercolor Society, three awards at the National Association of Women Artists, two prizes at the Silvermine Guild, three first prizes at the North Shore Arts Association and two at the Allied Artists of American, including the Gold Medal of Honor for the Best in Show. A Mary Bryan Memorial Gallery was built in her memory at Jeffersonville in 1984 by her husband, to show the finest Vermont and New England painters, and is now in its third decade. (1). Upon her death she possessed a Tiffany Pendant watch with 69 diamonds that had been passed down from her mother (2).


2. Greg Busch.

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