Boats Against The Current is a product of 42 years of inquiry as to The Fitzgerald’s time in Westport. It is also a companion book to the film Gatsby in Connecticut by Robert Williams, as well as a repository of information that could not be fit into the book or the conventional running time of a documentary. There is so much to ad this page will always being edited and added onto!

Westport Artists / ET Bedford / History of Longshore / The Horses / The Salamander / Great Neck

Vaudeville and Film / The House / The Cars of F.E. Lewis / The Ranch / Bald Jack Rose

The Industrialists / The Ships / The Planes / F.E. Lewis / Zelda’s Dairies / The Aquilo

Arnold Schlaet / William Phelps Eno / Mary Bryan / Westport Automobiles

The Speakeasies / Fitzgerald’s Works, 1920 / Westport Film Stars / Westport Writers

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