Walter Lashar

Was an  investor in multiple corporations and President of The American Wire Company in Bridgeport Connecticut as well as a Director along with Frederick Hubbell of the New York and New Haven Railroad.

In 1920, on the strength of an estimated $80 million fortune, Lashar built Hearthstone Hall, a lavish, 44-room English manor house on 105 acres right next door to Mailands. It was called “Hearthstone” because of its 13 fireplaces which still work. Lashar had bought the land in 1920 from Frederick Sturges, one of Fairfield’s leading and wealthiest citizens On a very clear day, New York’s Twin Towers of the Trade center is visible from the top of both McAuliffe and Bellarmine. In the billiard room which served as the parlor, one can still notice the elevated closet windows from whose vantage the Lashars could decide if they wanted to entertain the visitors. But Lashar’s fortune went up in smoke in the 1929 stock market crash, and the few million dollars that remained was hardly enough to support a Hearthstone Hall lifestyle. Lashar’s relatives have said that his eighty million dollars was reduced to two million during the 1929 “crash”After the real-estate taxes s went unpaid for several years, the town seized the property.

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